We scoured the headlines and found a trio of stories to test Kevin and Jeff to see if they could figure out where they came from across the United States, was it from Florida, Texas, or any other state.

Here are the stories from today. Can you figure out where they are from?

Man accused of stealing $800,000 in cash, using it to buy family new cars
* According to police, Roberto Ramon Tejada, 32, is accused of stealing bags of cash from various financial institutions while working as a driver for Miracle Delivery Services. He allegedly altered documents to account for the missing money. Investigators said the man used the stolen money to purchase five new 2021-model vehicles for family members, which were seized as part of the investigation. A search warrant resulted in the recovery of cash hidden throughout his bedroom and other evidence, according to police.
(Tejada was booked into the Detention Facility under $40,000 bond on suspicion of theft of more than $300,000.)

Nurse, capturing the feeling of a nation, gets stuck in mud
* Camille Coelho just wanted to take a stroll on the beach and look for some sea glass. Instead, the nurse ended up feeling the way so many have felt during the pandemic: she was stuck in the mud. The 54-year-old was taking a walk Thursday when she found herself sinking into the low tide’s wet sand. Soon it was up to her knees and left her unable to move. Her dilemma caught the attention of other beachgoers, who called for help. Coelho was with her son’s lab, Lucy, who didn't get stuck and stayed near her side.

Couple offers free beer as way to meet the neighbors
* Amanda and Thomas Evans decided to move from just before the pandemic started last year. They were not sure when they would get to meet their new neighbors. they created a flyer: that read "Hi, we're new to the neighborhood and would like to meet our lovely neighbors. We will be in our driveway with drinks, ready to meet any neighbors who would like to stop by. We can't wait to meet you." Thomas wasn’t sure it would work, and didn’t think anyone would show up. But once the "Free Beer" sign was placed outside, the neighbors started venturing over. "It's always funny to see a sign on the table that says free beer, just to get people to stop and turn their head and drive by and say what did that sign just say. We had a few people do a double take, free beer is a pretty easy way to get people to show up,".

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