Former Boston Red Sox catcher David Ross will be writing a new book set for a spring release.

Ross will be publishing the book via Hachette Books for a publication date of May 9, 2017.  The Cubs catcher said he started jotting down notes in the early parts of the 2016 season with Chicago and decided to write the book after the success of the team in winning the World Series.

Former associate editor of Sports Illustrated Don Yaeger will be co-writing the book with Ross.  Yaeger is a nine-time New York Times best-selling author and has worked with Rex Ryan, Warren Moon, and John Smoltz among other athletes.

Ross, who was a guest at The Ticket's Hot Stove event in 2013, announced that 2016 was his final season in the MLB.  The book will also feature notes from interviews with Cubs teammates Jon Lester, Ross' wife Hyla, and various other players in the MLB.