The Foxcroft Academy Ponies and the John Bapst Crusaders are playing back-to-back nights in a home-and-home series. Tuesday night, in the opening night, the Foxcroft Academy Boy's Basketball Team defeated John Bapst 49-44 at the Cross Insurance Center.

John Bapst took a 13-12 early lead at the end of the 1st Quarter, but the Ponies had the lead at the end of the 1st Half 28-22. Foxcroft Academy led 41-35 at the end of the 3rd Quarter.

Foxcroft Academy was led by Caden Crocker with 20 points. Jadon Richard finished with 10 points. The Ponies were 20-25 from the free throw line and had 3 3-pointers. Richard, Crocker and Adam Conner each had a 3-pointer for the Ponies.

John Bapst was led by Edoardo Fiore with 12 points and Jordan Kimball with 9 points. The Crusaders were 6-9 from the free throw line and had 2 3-pointers. Jordan Kimball and Jon Pangburn each had a 3-pointer.

Foxcroft Academy is now 11-4 and John Bapst is 7-7. The two teams meet Wednesday, February 2nd in Dover-Foxcroft.

Thanks to Bob Beatham for the stats.

Line Score

Foxcroft Academy Boys121613849
John Bapst Boys13913944

Box Score

Foxcroft Academy

3Gordon Topolski411022
5Josh Cornett000000
10David Henderson000000
11Jadon Richard1032134
12Wyatt Rayfield000000
14Cameron Chase200022
15Austin Seavey200022
23Caden Crocker2065179
24Filip Brkic622024
31Adam Conner310100
33Jackson Smith200022

John Bapst

20Jordan Kimball943100
21Nick Chaffee000000
22Levi Peterson522012
23Edoardo Fiore1255022
25Jon Pangburn943100
30Kevin Austin311013
31Zach Norman000000
41Andy Czapiga622022
44Loga McMahon000000
50Corey Butler000000
51Camren Barker000000
52Hayden Bay000000


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