Before the sun was even up this morning, Governor Lepage had declared a state of emergency for the State of Maine. Today's blizzard is expected to be of 'historic proportions.'

We received the press release at 4:30 this morning in which Governor Paul Lepage announced that a state of emergency has been declared for the state of Maine and all state offices will be closed today. The storm is expected to bring Blizzard conditions to all of Maine, as well as some coastal flooding.

"The amount of snow and the high winds, along with blowing and drifting snow, makes this storm dangerous for many Mainers," the Governor said in the release. "We want everyone to stay off the roads and stay safe."

Mainers are encouraged to stay home, if at all possible. Police cars and tow trucks will have as much trouble getting to accident scenes as the rest of us will have getting to our destinations. Make sure you have an emergency kit in your vehicle before you head out, including warm blankets, water, food, and extra warm clothes, in case you get stranded. A fully charged cell phone is also essential.

By declaring a State of Emergency today, Governor Lepage opens the door to aid money after the storm, and extending allowable hours for utility crews to repair outages.