For the third day in a row, hackers took down the State of Maine's website this morning. And, it appears, they have also taken down the site for WABI-TV 5. The reasons for the attacks are still unclear. was only offline for a few minutes this morning. Vikingdom2015, as the hackers call themselves, posted on Twitter this morning, just before crashing the site with a Denial of Service attack. In other words, they hit the website's servers with so many requests, that it makes it impossible for others to get through.

Later in the morning, WABI-TV 5's site also went down and the same hackers claimed responsibility. They also tweet that the state of Connecticut's site was offline. The hackers also took responsibility for crashing the BDN's site, but the paper says it's had no interruption in service.

Our website is down at this time, but here is the story about the current web spam attacks that have included

Posted by WABI TV5 on Wednesday, March 25, 2015