1. Obamacare. How can I be sure I’m getting the right Affordable Care Act Health plan (Obamacare) if I deal directly with just one insurance company? Won’t I miss a better choice with another company?

2. Mortgage Protection. I have a mortgage. I want to be sure I don’t leave this debt for my family to pay. So, Life Insurance seems to be my best solution. But what if I don’t die? What if I contract a serious illness or get hurt badly? How will I pay the monthly mortgage payments?

3. Medicare. Medicare is scary. I’m getting advertisements in the mail everyday now that I’m turning 65. How can I make the best choice with all this confusing propaganda?
4. Family Business Problems. I want my son to take over the business. But I am concerned that he will quit the company and take another job. How can I encourage my son buy the business from me so that I can retire? How can I keep the family business going?

5. Big Company Phone Problems. I hate these big company answering systems. How can I get good insurance service and not have to dial all those extension numbers in order to get my question answered?

6. Can’t Pay My Bills. Sure I’m concerned about dying and hurting my family’s standard of living. But mostly, I’m concerned that I will get Cancer or some other illness and lose my income because I’m too sick to work. How will my bills get paid if I can’t pay them?

7. Life Insurance that Stops before I do!! I just found out that my life insurance will stop in 3 years and I won’t have any protection after that. What can I do? I’m healthy. So I hope to live many more years. How can I protect my family if my Term Insurance runs out?

8. Term Insurance. I have Term Insurance. My policy states that my premium will go through the roof when the term ends in a few years. I can’t pay those ridiculously high premiums. If my health goes downhill, I might not be able to buy another policy when this one runs out? What should I do?

9. 401K vs. Tax Free Retirement. I have been putting more money into my 401K than my employer matches. I asked my accountant how I will be taxed when I take some of this extra money out when I retire. He said I would have to pay Ordinary Income Taxes and not the lower Capital Gains Tax. Yeaks! That will be thousands of dollars taken from me that I can’t spend. How can I avoid these high tax rates? Can I put the extra money into a better plan?

10. Long Term Care. I can’t afford the premiums I have been quoted for Long Term Care. Is there any other way to get some coverage in case I can’t look after myself or I get a disease like Alzheimer’s?

11. Medicare Supplement Woes. I have been paying for a Supplement and a Drug plan for a couple of years now, but I have never used the insurance. My premium is about $200. I have heard other people say they don’t pay as much. What can I do to save a few bucks?

12. Medicare Choices. Is there another way to fill the gaps in Medicare Parts A and B? I thought that a Medicare Supplement was the only plan I could buy?

13. House Calls. Do I have to come in to your office for an appointment? Or will you come see me at home?

14. Life Insurance on Babies or Young Children. I got this flyer in the mail that said I could buy a life insurance policy on my kids (or Grand-Kids) that would be worth a lot of money when my kids grew up. Do you have something like this? By the way, the premium seemed very small and it didn’t pay much in the end. What’s up with that?