The State Police say their best chance to catch murder suspect Robert Burton will be over the holiday weekend. They're encouraging vacationers not to shy away from the area, but also warning them to be careful.

Maine State Police Photo

State Police Colonel Robert Williams said in a press conference Thursday that they believe Burton has been hiding out in remote camps in the woods around Parkman and Guilford. There have been several confirmed sightings of the man accused of killing his former girlfriend nearly a month ago, and several others that may have been him, all in the Parkman/Guilford area.

Williams said, with the increased traffic and more of the camps occupied over the holiday weekend, Burton will find it more difficult to stay hidden. Highway message boards have been placed on main roads throughout the Parkman/Guilford area.  Vacationers are urged to examine their camps for any sign that someone's been there, or that items have been stolen. And Colonel Williams said those signs won't be obvious. If anyone sees anything suspicious, they're urged to call police and report it.

Burton has been on the run since Stephanie Ginn Gebo's body was found on June 5th in the home the two once shared. The situation is reminiscent of another 10 years ago, when Burton was again on the run in the woods after threatening another former girlfriend's mother with a knife and a rifle. Colonel Williams said police are at a disadvantage because Burton knows the woods very well. So far everything from infrared to drones have been used to try and locate the suspect.

Police remind residents that Burton is considered armed and dangerous. And Colonel Williams went one step further, to say that the longer he remains on the run, the more desperate he'll get.  Residents and vacationers are reminded to keep houses, outbuildings, camps, and vehicles locked. Keep an outside light turned on at night.And anyone who thinks they see Burton is urged to call the State Police at 973-3700 or call 911 immediately. That's key, Williams said.

Burton's family issued a statement, urging the man they call Robbie to turn himself in. Gebo's family is offering a reward for information leading his capture. In addition, a GoFundMe page has been set up to raise money for the care of Gebo's two young children.