A homeless man was arrested over the weekend and charged with setting a fire a year ago. A firefighter was badly hurt battling that blaze, resulting in a long list of charges against the suspect.

Public Safety spokesman Steve McCausland says 31-year-old Christopher Kidder is accused of setting the fire that badly damaged the museum at the Stanwood Wildlife Sanctuary in Ellsworth, also known as Birdsacre. He's charged with arson, burglary, aggravated criminal mischief, reckless conduct, and two counts of assault.

The March 2nd, 2014 fire badly damaged the two story building at 289 High Street, that was the homestead of the sanctuary's founder. In addition, Ellsworth firefighter Robert Dorr was seriously injured when he fell through a floor while battling the blaze. He was out of work for several months because of that injury.

Kidder was arrested by the Waterville Police Department Saturday night after calling fire marshals to turn himself in. He was taken to the Kennebec County Jail.