For 20+ years, Boston has reigned as Titletown in the world of sports. With that comes a fair share of stars along the trails. From Brady and Belichick's dynastic runs to The Big 3 to Big Papi, there has never been a shortage of star power to select from when anointing the city's brightest sports celeb.

Even going back through the history books, some of each of the four major sports biggest icons have called Boston home at one time or another.

The last couple years, by our spoiled measurements, have been a bit of a lull, both in the quest for banners and in trying to fill the void at the top left by Brady's departure.

We've been waiting for a star to emerge. The Red Sox don't have a true 'face of the franchise.' The closest thing, the team's world champion shortstop, appears to be spending his final months in the city.

Patrice Bergeron is an icon in Bruins' land, but the NHL simply lacks the sex appeal needed to produce such a star unless unless you get near the realm of The Great One.

And while Belichick is still holding things down in Foxboro, we're still waiting for Mac to take the next step and that first playoff win post-Brady.

That brings us to the Celtics, the hottest show in town, led by one of the league's newest superstars. Jayson Tatum has taken the jump this year. There's no question he's not only the guy in green and white, but that he's now that dude who can possibly carry a team to a title.

At 24, he's still scratching the surface of his on-court abilities, which will only lead to more hype off the court. Is it time to say Tatum is the new face of Boston sports?

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