The last few years have been really rough for the movie theater industry.  Not just because of the pandemic, either.  The theaters were having problems before the first positive cases hit the United States.

For decades, the price of movie tickets and concessions had steadily increased.  But, despite the costs going up (and up and UP), moviegoers were not offered anything new.  A ticket got them a cramped seat packed in a darkened room, that often smelled like stale popcorn, and a chance to see the movie.

But, a few years before the pandemic rolled into the US, movie theaters started making a major shift.  They began to change their seating from the very basic seats to seats that resembled a recliner.  Some of them even installed BIG super comfy recliner-style seats.  In addition to changing their seating, some theaters even expanded their food offerings.

Most, if not all, theaters in Maine have adopted these changes.

But, would you believe that one Maine theater, located in a very small town, was offering this experience for the last 15 years?

The Magic Lantern Theater, located on Depot Street in Bridgton, features first run movies and has an attached pub.  As far as we can tell, it was one of the first places in Maine (if not the first place) where you could get a meal and an adult beverage with your movie.

Giovanna Gomes / Unsplash
Giovanna Gomes / Unsplash

The theater, which opened in its current building in 2008, is now owned by the Maine 4-H Foundation.  Because of this, it should be no surprise that the theater does a lot for the Western Maine community.  They offer free family movies and support local non-profits.

Ticket prices are on pair with most other theaters and Wed's Pub offers up typical bar food like chicken fingers, fries, and burgers.

You can learn more about this amazing theater HERE

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