There is no doubt that Maine is a state filled with drinkers.  Now, we're not saying that everyone spends their nights and weekends chugging beers and doing shots.

However, most people have at least the occasional drink: a glass of whiskey on the rocks, a rum and Coke, a bottle of beer, or a glass of wine.

On top of that, we have a love for craft beers here in Maine.  Can you think of a very rural state that has as many breweries as we do?

Yeah, we didn't think so!

Because of that, we were not all that shocked to find that Maine's alcohol tolerance was on the upper end of the scale (when compared to the other states).

According to the researchers at, it takes the average Mainer 3.88 beers (4.5% alcohol by volume) to feel "drunk".

By comparison, it only took people in New Hampshire 3.20 beers to feel "drunk".  In Massachusetts, that number was 3.56 beers.  And, in Vermont, it takes the average person 3.72 beers to feel like they are intoxicated.

The only states that have a higher tolerance are Arizona and Michigan.  It takes them just over 4 beers to feel "drunk".

At the other end of the scale is Hawaii.  It only takes them 2.71 beers to feel "drunk".  Also, in Idaho, it takes the average person (Idahoan???) 2.75 beers to feel intoxicated.

Kym Ellis via Unsplash
Kym Ellis via Unsplash

Of course, we do have a few lightweights in our state.

The website also dug into the percentage of people in each state who said that they felt intoxicated after having only one beer.  Maine had the lowest percentage of respondents in the country.  Only about 11% of the people surveyed said that they felt "drunk" after having only one beer.

It is important to note that they make a reference to the alcohol percentage of 4.5%.  So, it was a normal pilsner-type beer.  However, they do not make a differentiation between a regular bottle/can and a larger glass.

Normally, a bottle or can is about 12 ounces.  A glass is about 16 ounces, but they can be a lot more.  Das Boot, anyone?  When you are drinking more than just a beer or two it does end up making a difference.

NOTE: Alcoholic beverages should only be enjoyed by those who are at least 21 years old and should be enjoyed responsibly.

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