Okay folks, there is a big, fearsome-looking creature that has made its way into our lives in Maine, specifically Sidney. I saw this picture online, and the man who took it, Nicholas Jacques told me it was a Dobsonfly. Say what?

Nicholas Jacques is a talented local photographer who specializes in capturing the fascinating world of Maine bugs. Not only does he photograph these critters, but he also fearlessly lets them perch on his face. Be sure to check out his Instagram page, Taterful Outdoors. 

Nicholas Jacques via Taterful Outdoors Photography
Nicholas Jacques via Taterful Outdoors Photography

I have never seen one of these buggers in my life, and I hope I won't have to run into one.

According to The University of Maine, Dobsonflies are bugs that can literally raise their heads and open and close their jaws to establish dominance and try to intimidate other prey. They are awake at night, and live near bodies of water.

The sheer size of this bug is its most striking feature. Imagine encountering this type of bug of such magnitude, with wings outstretched and a gaping mouth? NO WAY! The sight alone would compel me to flee faster than I ever have, in an instant.

Nicholas Jacques via Facebook
Nicholas Jacques via Taterful Outdoors Photography

According to Orkin, they are harmless to humans, and even though they are a danger to our eyes, they are not a danger to our skin. Female can bite, but there aren't any lasting affects.

So, there's that. If you are heading to a Maine lake or other body of water, make sure to keep your eye out. You won't have to squint too much, because they are huge. So if you see them coming, walk away politely and let them do their thing.

P.S. Apparently they also smell very badly.

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