For all of recorded human history, there have been people who looked up to the sky and wondered, "what if?" What if there's more intelligent life out there in the vast reaches of space, and what if that intelligent life wanted to visit the planet we call home?


Unidentified flying objects continue to fascinate people today. Even with major advances in technology that lets us understand our galaxy, surrounding planets, and beyond better than ever before, the questions of "what if" still remain. Those questions have led people to share things they've seen but couldn't explain.

The National UFO Reporting Center keeps track of every single reported UFO sighting worldwide. For the United States, they break down the sightings by state, year, and the town or city where the reported sighting was filed. In many cases, the National UFO Reporting Center shares the detailed account of what witnesses saw when they made their claim.

Undefined flying objects in the sky. UFO.

Below are the 26 towns and cities in Maine that have had the most reported UFO sightings since the National UFO Reporting Center began to keep track. It also lists the year in which the first reported sighting took place. Maine's most populated cities are well represented, but so are some of the state's most quaint towns as well.

Do you believe?

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