A man from the town of Liberty is accusing a State Police Trooper of racial profiling after she stopped to tell him he needed to walk against the traffic.

The incident happened on January 7th, 2016, when Trooper Sarah Ferland was traveling through Liberty and drove past a man in dark clothing walking with the traffic. Her dash cam catches the encounter, although it's sometimes tough to understand what they're saying. She talks with Orson Titus, also known as Toussaint St. Negritude, asks him for I.D., they have a quick conversation in the cruiser, and he goes on his way. That's what appears on the dash cam video. (Police say the brief period of muted audio on the tape is to protect the birthdate of Mr. Titus)

On January 19th, Titus addressed the City Council in Belfast and gives a much different account of the evening's events. Of course, we are unable to hear clearly what was said between the officer and Titus, and we can't see the encounter from the dash cam, so we can't know for sure what was said between the two. But it does seem like there are some marked differences between the video from the Trooper, and the description given to the Belfast council.

I'm including both videos and the Facebook post from the Maine State Police, so you can get the full scope of what's been made available to the public. And my question is this; Do you think this was a case of racial profiling?

MAINE STATE POLICE RESPOND TO ALLEGATIONS OF RACIAL PROFILINGOn January 7, 2016 Maine State Trooper Sarah Ferland was...

Posted by Maine State Police - Headquarters on Friday, January 22, 2016