Town of the Year 2020 triumphantly came to a close Friday morning with Lincoln, ME, edging Jonesport, ME, to claim the title of 2020 Town of the Year.

The final went right down to the wire, with Lincoln claiming just over 54% of the more than 27,000 votes cast.

Lincoln's championship does not come as a surprise, as the town received nearly 40,000 votes over their six match-ups - the most of any town or city in the tournament.

Town of the Year 2020 began with 68 towns, 60 from our listening area and eight from "The County," which were then cut to 64 and placed into geographical regions. Over nine weeks, people from all over the state, the country and the globe got involved in the competition, which saw a record 128,997 votes cast.

The 2020 runner-ups, Jonesport, ME, made an incredible march through the tournament and showed that numbers truly aren't everything, as the community of just over 1300 received more than 23,000 votes in their six match-ups. The people and characters of Jonesport made a lasting impression with the hosts and listeners of 92.9 The Ticket, and proved they have as much passion about their community as any group of people.

What's Next: The Drive will broadcast live from Lincoln, ME, on Wednesday, July 22 for a special Town of the Year celebration. You can listen live at 92.9 FM, and on The Ticket App, and you can also watch the live stream of the broadcast at @929TheTicket and @DriveShowMaine on Facebook.

Once again, from everyone at The Ticket, thanks to all who helped to make this year's competition something truly special.

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