First, Todd Richardson of Carmel beat out more than 300 people to win the Ticket's Pro Football Pick'em Challenge. He walked away with a nice TV for his efforts. Now he'll have to rely on his football smarts again to walk away with $10,000.

To claim the cash, Richardson has to correctly pick the halftime and final scores of the game on Sunday. If he gets either right, he gets $1,000. If he gets both right, he gets the whole $10,000.

"It's basically a gut feeling," Richardson told Morning Pitch hosts Dale Duff and Clem LaBree before revealing his picks: Halftime: Seattle 13, Denver 10; Final: Denver 27, Seattle 23.

Richardson later acknowledged that his gut had some help from a little research on the weather and past Super Bowl scores. In the full interview below, he also tells the Ticket crew how he plans to spend Super Bowl Sunday.

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