If it sounds like a broken record it should. Nova Scotia's Trevor MacLean has won the Kenduskeag Stream Canoe Race...the 11th time he has posted the fastest time.MacLean paddled the Sixteen and a half mile course and finished with a time of 2:08:29. MacLean was hoping to beat the course record set by Robert Lang back in 1997, however the water level dropped significantly during the week making that feat impossible.

The race was postponed one week because of ice in the stream the previous week, the field remained strong with competitors coming from around Maine as well as 8 other states around the country and 3 Canadien provinces.

In total, 377 boats were in the race with 702 paddlers.

Below are photos from form along the race course.

Gumby boat back for its 30th race.


Dale Duff broadcasting live at the start line.


Growing line at the port-A-potty


Trolls ready for take-off


Clem LaBree (L) and Tracy Willette (R) of Bangor Parks and Rec at the start line.


Zip Kellogg in one of the rare moments where he actually sits in the boat.


Trevor MacLean, now the 11 time champion departs the start line.


Several Kayaks preparing for the start


Duckman using duck power


Look at the rack on that guy


More nervous than the first day of hunting season.


3-2-1 goooooo!


Hard to believe just 2 weeks earlier snowmobiles were crossing the stream at the bullseye bridge in Bangor.


A war canoe passes under the Bullseye bridge in Bangor.


Chris Francis and Mark Ronco digging hard.


Trevor MacLean cruises toward downtown Bangor.


War canoes race to the finish line.


Trevor MacLean approaches the finish line


Trevor MacLean passes under the finish line. How would you like to squeeze into that boat and paddle for 16 miles.