Here are the rules on when and where you can use fireworks in Maine as well as some safety tips to make this 4th of July a fun day for everyone. 

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As the 4th of July approaches you are sure to be hearing more booms, bangs, whistles and crackles. Although fireworks have become legal in Maine in the last few years many cities and towns have set in place special ordinances. Here are main things you need to know:

Some of the cities and towns that have banned use and sale of fireworks are:

Some cities and towns have not banned the sale and/or use but have placed restrictions on fireworks like:

The biggest thing with fireworks are they are dangerous if used in an improper manner or if not used in the right conditions. Here are some tips to try to keep it safe and fun for everyone:

  • Always make sure  your firework is secured so it wont tip and point any direction it shouldn't.
  • Make sure spectators are a distance away from the launch site.
  • Never pick up 'duds' best thing to do is spray it down with a hose or wet it from a distance.
  • Never allow young children to light fireworks including sparklers (Sparklers burn at more than 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit and can cause 3rd degree burns)
  • The safest way to watch a firework show is to attend one of many professional shows in the state.
  • Never hold any active firework in your hand.  (Including roman candles)
  • For more tips click here

For more information contact-  Inspection Divison Office of the State Fire Marshal. At 45 Commerce Center Drive, Suite 1 Augusta, Maine 04330 or (207) 626-3870.

Have fun but stay safe this holiday!