No question Lance Stevenson is a basketball talent. He can also be a headache. Now it is up to Maine's Steve Clifford to deal with this complex talent. Clifford is head coach of the Charlotte Hornets.

Clifford guided the Hornets to the playoffs in his first season as coach and NBA reports say Clifford, along with owner Michael Jordan and the Hornets GM flew to Las Vegas to meet with the free agent Stevenson and then signed him to a 3-year $27-million-dollar deal to leave the Indiana Pacers.

Stevenson led the league in triple-doubles last year. He is also the guy who got in some hot water for his on court antics, including blowing in the ear of Lebron James during the playoffs.

Now it's up to Clifford, a former UMaine Farmington player and Woodland HS coach to handle this interesting NBA player.