A man who grabbed the steering wheel while his wife was driving and intentionally drove the vehicle into a rock wall is facing domestic violence charges.

Public Safety spokesman Steve McCausland says 32-year-old Dale Doughty of Canton and his wife both sustained serious injuries. He was indicted Tuesday by the Androscoggin County grand jury with domestic violence and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. He was originally charged after he was released from the hospital and has been held, ever since, at the jail.

Trooper Nathaniel Jamo said the August 2nd crash took place along Route 108, near the Canton-Livermore town line. Doughty's wife was driving the couple's Jeep, and he was sitting on the passenger side. The Trooper said Doughty suddenly grabbed the steering wheel and forced the Jeep to crash into the rock wall. He said Doughty's intent was to kill his wife and himself in the accident, but they both survived. Both have since been released from the hospital.