A man who threatened crews responding to a fire at his home because he said he was killing demonic spirits is now charged with arson and domestic violence assault. A shed at the man's home was destroyed and there was fire damage to an exterior wall of the house.

Public Safety spokesman Steve McCausland said in a press release that the Waldo County Sheriff's Office has charged Randy Tremaine, age 42, with arson, domestic violence assault, and violating conditions of release. When crews arrived at his Thorndike home on Saturday, he threatened firefighters, who subdued him, tied him up, and waited for deputies to respond. He was taken to a Bangor hospital for self-inflicted injuries and released late Monday morning. He's now being held at the Waldo County Jail.

Tremaine was reported to have told responding crews that he was trying to kill demonic spirits in the house. McCausland now says the fire followed an altercation with Tremaine's ex-girlfriend, who had gone to the house to retrieve her belongings.