Roads around the state are ice-covered and slick this morning. All the blowing and drifting snow is not helping travel conditions. Police are warning motorists to slow down, take their time, and give yourself plenty of time to stop. Ellsworth Police have issued a warning about vehicles, including a tractor trailer, off the road.

In a Facebook post, Ellsworth Police say there's a tractor trailer blocking part of the Bangor Road, near Annie's Pride. That's in addition to other cars that have slid off the road this morning. We've also heard of a tractor trailer rolled over on I-95 Southbound in the Skowhegan/Fairfield area.

On my ride in this morning, I noticed that I could see my headlights reflecting back at me off the Dow Road. It was like a bottle! Slow down, be careful this morning, and don't follow too close to the car in front of you. And be safe!