For the next few weeks while the country is consumed by March Madness, we will be running "Munch Madness" on The Drive to crown the best snack food on the market.

The field of 40 is split into four regions - Salty, Sweet, Chips and Cheese. Today, we get the action tipped off with the play-in match-ups for the Salty and Sweet regions.

In the Salty Region, we have: 1. Fritos, 2. Beef jerky, 3. Planters Peanuts, 4. Popcorn, 5. Granola bars, 6. Ritz crackers, 7. Pretzels, 8. Chex Mix, 9. Bugles and 10. Pork rinds.

In the Sweet Region, it's: 1. Fruit snacks, 2. Oreo, 3. Chips Ahoy! 4. Rice Krispies, 5. Graham crackers, 6. Hostess Cupcakes, 7. Milano cookies, 8. Ho Hos, 9. Oatmeal creme pies and 10. Raisins.

The snacks are seeded based on yearly sales figures.

Salty Region -

Sweet Region -


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