Bangor swimmer Emma Waddell finishes her brilliant collegiate career with a second place finish at the NCAA Division III Championships in Indianapolis.

Waddell's last individual event Saturday evening was the 100-Yard Freestyle Event. Emory College swimmer Fiona Muir swam a time of 49.29. Waddell was 49.72


  1. Fiona Muir – 49.29
  2. Emma Waddell – 49.72
  3. Meg Taylor – 49.96
  4. Kiki Peterson – 50.43
  5. Abby VanHarn – 50.44
  6. Becca Erwin – 50.68
  7. Ming-fen Ong – 50.81
  8. Julia Wawer – 51.03

Her final team event was the 400-Yard Freestyle Relay Event. The Williams team placed sixth.

Waddell's finishes the 2018 NCAA Championship competition one individual title (4 career titles) and two second place finishes.

She was added another national title as part of the Williams team win in the 200-Yard Freestyle Event earlier in the week.

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