An observant neighbor who noticed a strange man on his private road alerted police to a possible break-in. The man had also noticed a trash can outside a nearby vacant house which turned out to be full of stolen copper piping.

Public Safety spokesman Steve McCausland said in a press release that a resident of Pleasant Pond Road in Litchfield returned home for lunch and saw a man walking on the private road. The resident confronted 28-year old Ryan Cray of Richmond and asked him why he was there. In addition, he also noticed a trash barrel outside a nearby residence that was not normally kept there.

Suspecting a burglary was in progress at the vacant residence, the man called 911 and gave a detailed description of the man and the vehicle he used to leave the area. A short time later Richmond police recognized the vehicle description and waited for Cray at his home. Police detained him until State Troopers could arrive.

An investigation turned up copper piping along with bolt cutters in the trash barrel outside the vacant home and forced entry had been made into the basement where the piping had been cut. Cray is charged with burglary, theft, and failing to submit to arrest. He was taken to the Kennebec County Jail.