When football fans talk about the NFL’s greatest stars, none enjoyed the limelight as much as Joe Namath, Hall of Famer and Super Bowl III champion with the New York Jets.

“Broadway Joe” stood out among the NFL's brightest current, former and future stars on Saturday night at the 2nd Annual National Football League Honors in New Orleans. Hollywood and NFL luminaries walked the red carpet at the Mahalia Jackson Theater before the signature event which honors the best players and performances during the 2012 season.

Namath took a few minutes on the red carpet to talk New Orleans, the importance of health and his beloved Crimson Tide.

You made your name in the south at the University of Alabama. What’s it like to be here in New Orleans to celebrate the rebirth of this city?

Joe Namath: New Orleans is a unique city in our world and I would recommend that anybody who hears this please come and visit. I came here in the early 1960’s to begin with and wow, not only wow at the sights and the history behind it, but the open arms, the hospitality, the love that these people genuinely show. Unique food, music, it deserves a visit.

Who are your favorite players in the NFL today that you looked forward to seeing tonight?

Joe Namath: I got a thrill just coming over here. I ran into Trent Richardson first of all being a Crimson Tider and then as I get on the bus who’s sitting on the front seat but Willie Brown, our Hall of Fame cornerback that I played against from the Raiders and I got to sit with Willie all the way over here. And then Russell Wilson, I got to visit with coming in here, and Matt Hasselbeck. That’s what this is about -- bumping into people, friends you haven’t seen for a while and also realizing that this is the championship of the game, the year, the sport and these guys that are here have worked hard. I’m excited about seeing this game.

What changes have you made to your lifestyle to keep healthy as you’ve gotten older?

Joe Namath: I’ve been taking care of myself. I learned early in life that our most taken for granted luxury is our health. I’ve paid more attention over these last many years about what I put in myself, how I carry on with life. I think everyone should give that a little bit of credence because rarely does a youngster or even a middle aged person start looking after what they’re doing until they get sick and so an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, the quality of life down the road depends on how you’re taking care of yourself now.

Who’s your pick for the game?

Joe Namath: Not particularly a pick, but I have a preference. We talked about the Crimson Tide and the Ravens have three Crimson Tiders starting with [Ravens General Manager] Ozzie Newsome who is a buddy, but I give the edge to San Francisco because of the ability of the quarterback to maybe turn a negative play into a positive play with his feet as well as forcing Baltimore to use a guy that they don’t normally do just to assign to the quarterback. Running backs on both sides terrific, I give the edge to San Francisco.

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