Most of Maine is forecast to be within range of the aurora borealis.

Maine could see the best light show on earth tonight. Thanks to what scientists are calling a 'massive' geomagnetic storm, the aurora borealis is extending further south. According to the Aurora Service the state should be well within range to see the Northern Lights. Even parts of northern New Hampshire and Vermont could see them tonight. You can check the map here.

From 9-midnight tonight the storm is predicted to peak at a G2 magnitude. The key to seeing the spacey spectacle is to find a very dark location away from any light pollution. Cloud cover could hamper your efforts to see the Northern Lights. However, the current forecast calls for clearing skies overnight.

Right now a big coronal hole on the sun is directly facing the earth and shooting out charged particles that could do some damage. The influx of these particles could cause some problems with radar systems and satellites. It could also effect power grids, phone and internet networks.

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