The Patriots rolled out their first primary uniform changes in 20 years on Monday, unveiling "new" home and away uniforms.

The new threads may look familiar, as the Patriots home uniform is now the former "Color Rush" alternates that the Pats employed over the past few seasons.

The away jerseys have been tweaked as well, and now have solid red stripes on the shoulders with blue trim to remain constant with the home jerseys.

The changes bring a refreshed look to the post-Brady Pats and while the initial "Color Rush" uniforms were met with a warm welcome from fans (and success on the field as the Pats went 6-1 while donning the all-blues) I personally was hoping for a more drastic mix up and perhaps a return to the '90s "lightning blue and silver" uniforms.

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Side note: the Pats hinted in their press release that they intend to bring back the red "Pat the Patriot" alternates should the NFL lift its restrictions on teams only having one base helmet color.

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