Rescue crews have been working since Saturday to find a person who fell through the ice of the Kennebec River. Witnesses say the person appeared to be a woman.

It was around one o'clock Saturday afternoon when the Augusta Police began getting reports of a person who was standing on the ice of the Kennebec River, just north of the Calumet Bridge, near 1 Cony Street. Officers responded, along with Augusta Rescue and upon initial contact, the person had already entered into a section of open water. Attempts to pull the person out of the water were unsuccessful and the person disappeared under the ice.

As of Sunday morning, Augusta Police, along with the Maine Warden Service, Augusta Fire Department, and the Marine Patrol have all been searching but have been unable to find the person. The river is frozen over which has made searching nearly impossible. In addition, they have not been able to determine the identity of the person, believed to be a woman.

The Warden Service and Marine Patrol will work to recover the person's body, once the treacherous conditions of the river subside. Now, Augusta Police are asking for the publc's help in identifying her.

Anyone who has any information about the incident or knows the person in question is asked to call Officer Paul Doody of the Augusta Police Department at 626-2370.