Police believe they know the identity of a woman who's believed to have gone into the Kennebec River on Saturday. Witnesses called police when they saw a person on the ice but, before officers arrived, they went into the icy water.

Augusta Police Deputy Chief Jared Mills said in a press release that it's believed the person who went into the Kennebec River is 54-year-old Kelly Voytasko of Augusta. Kelly's family reported her missing shortly after this incident and, based on the totality of the circumstances, they say there is a high probability that she is the person they're looking for.

Mills says Kelly is considered an active missing person at this point. Anyone who thinks they may have any information in regards to the investigation, they're encouraged to contact Officer Paul Doody at 626-2370.

Crews attempted to located the woman's body over the weekend, but the thick ice and frigid conditions forced them to suspend the search. Efforts for a recovery will resume once it's safe enough to do so.