It's June 9th. The Red Sox have played 63 games this season, the Yankees have played 64. Tonight, the teams square off in the Bronx for their first meeting of the season thanks to MLB's new league-wide schedule, which dropped the number of games versus divisional opponents from 19 games/year to 13 matchups.

The Sox carry little-to-no momentum into the series, having dropped five of their last six games and tallying a 5-12 record since May 21 as they continue to get buried behind the other four teams in the division who are actually competing for something this year.

So, to say there's not a ton of excitement heading into the first meeting of the season with the Bronx Bombers might actually be a bit of an understatement.

Despite that, ESPN, which will carry the Sunday Night broadcast, is still billing the matchup as "the greatest rivalry in sports." It was, once, but no longer. And it hasn't been in quite a while.

Yes, there's been some spikes recently. The Joe Kelly Fight Club, followed up by an ALDS beatdown a few months later. Then, the dramatic and emotional 2021 Wild Card win over the Yanks, which was also the last public appearance made by the Rem Dog.

But apart from those instances, it's been pretty dry since, honestly, 2004. Once the Sox won, the intensity just wasn't the same.

But maybe you disagree. Does Red Sox vs. Yankees still feel like a rivalry to you?

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