First, Kevin Emerson of Old Town beat out more than 450 people to win the Ticket's Pro Football Pick'em Challenge. He walked away with two power recliners from Dorsey Furniture for his efforts. Now he'll have to rely on his football smarts again to walk away with $10,000.

A quick recap: During the regular season, Emerson posted an impressive record of 180-76. That tied him with two other contestants, so we had to go to a tie-breaker to determine the winner. He came the closest in picking the total score of the final regular season game, putting him in a position to win some serious cash!

To claim the cash, Emerson has to correctly pick the halftime and final scores of the game on Sunday. If he gets either right, he gets $1,000. If he gets both right, he gets the whole $10,000. Kevin reveals his picks in the video above.

For the record, Dale and Clem tied at 140-116 (although Dale likes to point out that he forgot to make his picks for two of the weeks.)

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