Foxcroft Academy's Ryan Rebar(baseball) and Old Town's Brittany Cousins(softball) win PVC Class B Player of the Year honors. Rebar helped the Ponies to a 14-2 record. Cousins and the Coyotes finished 15-1.

Ryan Rebar was also named PVC pitcher of the year. He is conference leader with a 0.62 ERA and tied for first with 5 wins.

John Bapst coach Dave Gonyar is PVC coach of the year. The Crusaders are ranked #1 in the Heal Points.

Old Town's Brittany Cousins batted .577 and led  PVC softball with 26 stolen bases.

Kassidy Seeley(Washington Academy) and Kendra Hayward(Old Town) are co-pitchers of the year.

Old Town's Jenn Plourde is PVC softball coach of the year.