For the second time in three weeks, (weird year) I submit my report cards for the Boston Red Sox. At the quarter poll, I slapped our beloved Red Sox with a 1.83 team grade, aka, a solid D. But that's when they were 6-9. Hope still sprung eternal. Now, it's a full on dumpster fire.

First semester grades:


- Mitch Moreland: .357/7/20, 19 games. A little gimpy, but the only consistent bat. (Q1 - A)

- Alex Verdugo: .303/5/12, 28 games. He’s no Mookie, but he’ll do just fine. (Q1 - B)

- Phillips Valdez: 1-0/0.98/17k in 18.1ip. Dynamite out of the ‘pen. One of the few. (Q1 - A)



- Xander Bogaerts: .287/6/17, 29 games. Leader of the team, B by his standards. (Q1 - A)

- Martin Perez: 2-3/3.45/23k in 31.1ip. The ace of the staff, says all you need to know. (Q1 - B)



- Christian Vazquez: .255/4/12, 27 games. One hot week, 1 RBI last quarter. (Q1 - B)

- Kevin Pillar: .265/3/11, 26 games. Cooled off after hot start, still like him, though. (Q1 - B)

- Jonathan Arauz: .308/0/5, 13 games. Rule-5 guy, solid when in there. (Q1 - Incomplete)

- Kevin Plawecki: .313/0/6, 10 games. Again, digging deep. Hey, 0.2 scoreless ip… (Q1 - C)

- Nathan Eovaldi: 2-2/4.98/33k in 34.1ip. Struggled last quarter. C-minus, barely. (Q1 - B)

- Colten Brewer: 0-1/3.50/17k in 18ip. Not a terrible opener. Key words: not terrible. (Q1 - B) 



- Jackie Bradley Jr: .250/2/10, 26 games. Subtract last week and he’s hitting .234/0/3. (Q1 - D)

- Rafael Devers: .230/4/15, 28 games. .308/2/9 over last week. Need more of it. (Q1 - F)

- Michael Chavis: .233/2/7, 18 games. Has fanned in nearly ½ his ab’s. D-, barely. (Q1 - D)

- Ryan Weber: 0-2/5.48/10k in 21.1ip. A nifty 1.59era since making the move to ‘pen. (Q1 - F)

- Ryan Brasier: 5.56era, 13k/11.1ip, 12g. Usually trash, but sometimes will surprise. (Q1 - F)

- Jose Peraza: .241/0/4, 26 games. Lucky they have no one else. No Brock Holt. D-. (Q1 - C)



- J.D. Martinez: .219/3/15, 28 games. Apparently, he was only good because of film. (Q1 - F)

- Andrew Benintendi: .103/0/1, 14 games. 4-for-39…(but 2-3 this quarter!!!). (Q1 - F)

- Tzu-Wei Lin: .130/0/0, 11 games. Why on earth is 2-way Tzu-Wei still here? (Q1 - F)

- Zach Godley: 0-3/7.29/21k in 21ip. A failed experiment. (Q1 - C)

- Austin Brice: 1-0/6.59/19k in 13.2ip. A lotta k’s and a lotta runs. (Q1 - C)

- Josh Osich: 0-1/7.11/17k in 12.2ip. Was better when I couldn’t pronounce his name. (Q1 - C)

- Matt Barnes: 1-2/6.00/15k in 12ip. I hate him. (Q1 - D)

- Kyle Hart: 0-1/13.00/12k in 9ip. Like if Henry Owens & Ryan Weber had a love child. (Q1-NA)

- Marcus Walden: 0-1/12.00/7k in 9ip. Lost his Cy Young form from 2019. (Q1 - C)

- Jeffrey Springs: 0-1/10.80/9k in 6.2ip. Poor guy, lamb for slaughter. (Q1 - Incomplete)

- Josh Taylor: 0-1/19.29/3k in 2.1ip. If I was kind, I’d give an incomplete. I’m not. (Q1 - N/A)

- Dylan Covey, Matt Hall, Chris Mazza, Robert Stock: 0-2, 19er/19ip. Collective F.



- Darwinzon Hernandez (1-0/0.00/5k in 4ip), he should be good, though.


*32 players combined for a total score of 36. Team GPA = 1.13 (Down from 1.83 in Q1).

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