Maine Drug Enforcement has charged six people in connection with the discovery of a meth lab. These arrests are a follow-up to an arrest earlier this month in Northern Maine.

Department of Public Safety spokesman Steve McCausland says MDEA agents worked with the Houlton Police and the Aroostook County Sheriff's Office in an investigation that has now netted seven arrests. Toni Bulley, age 48, was arrested on June 17th and charged with Trafficking in Methamphetamine. She lived in an apartment house on Columbia Street in Houlton.

Now, agents have arrested six others in connection with that methamphetamine manufacturing operation. Their involvement ranged from assisting Bulley with manufacturing the meth to others who helped her acquire the materials used to make the drug. All of the following suspects have been charged with Class B Unlawful Trafficking in Schedule W Drugs (meth):

  • Jesse Case, age 29
  • Earl Little, Jr., age 25
  • Crystal Cameron, age 29
  • Mataya Gardiner, age 21
  • Bruce King, age 36

In addition, Gary Gardiner, age 59, is charged with Class A Trafficking in meth. His charge was elevated to 'aggravated' because of a prior drug felony conviction.

The investigation is ongoing and MDEA Commander Peter Arno says more arrests are possible.