From business development to fan engagement to fixing some of baseball's biggest issues, these are all plates that Red Sox President and CEO Sam Kennedy spins on a daily basis.

Kennedy, who took charge of his boyhood club in 2015, is in his 20th year with the Red Sox organization and few have a greater appreciation for their position within the club. A greater Boston-native, Kennedy attended Brookline High School alongside former-Sox GM Theo Epstein and fell in love with the Sox at an early age. Now, he runs the business side of the club and aims to make sure every fan holds the team is the same regard he does, while doubling as an aid to MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred on how to improve the game.

Kennedy joined The Drive on Tuesday to discuss all aspects of the Sox. From the team's outlook in 2021 to the larger direction of the organization which aims to get back to a place where Boston is competing for a World Series title year in and year out.

Kennedy also covered expansions around the Fenway Park area, the pressing issues facing the game of baseball and the unique relationship between the Sox and their fans in New England.

Catch his full 25-minute chat with Jim, Ernie and myself, below -


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