Many states claim to be football factories, but Ada, Ohio has one. The small town is home to the Wilson Football Factory, where footballs are brought to life by workers who make Ada's most famous export by hand every day. A family-owned, sporting goods manufacturer, Wilson is responsible for every football ever used in a Super Bowl, including those being used in the 2013 Super Bowl. Check out the video below to get a clear sense of how proud the men and women at the factory are of their craft:

Ohio is a football-crazed state. With two NFL teams, the Pro Football Hall of Fame, the Ohio State University and the Wilson Football Factory, Ohio probably deserves to host a Super Bowl. It would certainly cut down on shipping costs.

Hopefully, kids in Ada know how awesome it is to be able to claim you are from "the town where footballs are born." Some kids grow up in the home of the world's largest landfill or a paper clip factory. Being from "the place that makes the Super Bowl possible" is much cooler.

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