The Boston Bruins scored two goals in the final 1:29 to beat the Pittsburgh Penquins to end a wild and whacky night at Boston Garden. The B's Loui Eriksson left the game with a concussion from a Brook Orpik hit. Shawn Thorton came back a few minutes later and pounded Orpik until he had to be taken off on a stretcher. Thorton will likely get a suspension.

Later,the Pittsburgh's James Neal skated past Brad Marchant who was down on the ice and kneed him in the head. Neal could face a suspension.

It was one intense and nasty night of hockey and other stuff. The NHL will have a lot work to do in handing out penalties on this one.

Check out some of the highlights and post game reaction...And a reminder, the Bruins are back on the ice tonight to play Toronto. We have live coverage on Sports Radio 92.9 The Ticket beginning at 7PM.