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His name is Abiola Aborishade and he really, really, really wants to play for the New England Patriots. Abiola has been standing outside of Gillette Stadium every day since April 21 hoping that Coach Belechick gives him an opportunity to show his skills.


Aborishade was a star player for D-III UMass-Dartmouth as a receiver.  He hangs out at the Route 1/Patriot Place intersection in between shifts at the Enterprise Rent-A-Car up the street in Norwood. Abiola certainly seems to be inspiring current Patriot superstars like Malcolm Butler who said on Facebook:

"Leaving practice today, I see this guy standing outside for a opportunity to play this game of football. This reminded me to always be thankful and never take your blessings for granted... On the other hand, this is the attitude you must have if you really want something.......#NEVERGIVEUP"

Give him a shot coach! Just like his poster says, we're always looking for more guys who say they are a: "talented hardworking athlete hoping for a chance to prove himself." GO PATS!


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