We had some great submissions to our Townsquare Media Talent Showcase, and we are proud to announce our 10 finalists, five of whom will be among the first to perform at the brand new Cross Insurance Center in Bangor.

Now it's up to you to decide which five acts will entertain the crowd at the Cross Center's community open house on Sept. 14. As you'll see, every one of these talented perfomers bring would something special to the stage.

Here are the rules:

  • Voting will remain open until noon on Thursday, Aug. 29. [VOTING IS NOW CLOSED]
  • You can vote once each hour.
  • We will announce the winners on Friday, Aug. 30.
You can cast your votes at the bottom of this post. Without further ado, here are our finalists!
  • Megan Collopy

    My name is Megan Collopy. I'm an art/anthropology student at UMO, raised in the Dexter area. I've been hooping for about a year now and I've performed in a couple different venues in that time. I've always loved to dance, but I never really found a style of dance that suits me as much as hooping! I also enjoy singing, theatre, video games and intramural sports! I hope you like the video!

  • Mark Gentle

    My name is Mark Gentle and I live in Farmington, Maine. I have 3 awesome children and a beautiful wife! My 5 year old son has had 4 open heart surgeries, along with multiple other procedures, so it has been very tough for me to focus on a career in music. I am the sales manager for Country Kitchen and am also a singer songwriter. I do a lot of local fairs and a number of Events For Make-A-Wish as they have been a very important piece of our lives. I play just me and my acoustic guitar. No jumping off speakers, swinging from vines, or pyrotechnics, simple but meaningful. I really hope you enjoy my videos and thanks for considering me as this could be a big opportunity! Take care and thanks again.

  • Abby Hannington

    Hi! My name is Abby. I am 10 years old and I live in Bucksport. I have been singing at jazz clubs, coffee houses, community events and churches since I was 5. I have performed with the Al Cory Big Band and the Queen City Big Band for the past three years, including at the Maine State Fair. I have also been in 14 local musical theater productions. I take dance lessons and love hip hop, ballet and tap! My 8-year-old sister, Sarah, plays the drum set. I sometimes perform with my mom, who is a professional sax player in the Bangor are. She plays sax in the video I'm sending. My dad is a permanently and totally disabled veteran who flew B-1 bombers and was in the air force for 24 years. It would be a dream come true to play on that big stage!

  • Lily Muscatell

    I'm Lily. I am a singer/song writer. I play guitar, piano and ukulele. Four years ago, my dad tought me three chords on guitar and I have played, nonstop, ever since then. I wrote my first song when I was in 6th grade and now I have written more than 40 songs. My musical style is inspired by country music and my life experiences. Enjoy!

  • Erika Olver

    Hello! My name is Erika Olver. I'm 15 years old, and I'm going to be a sophomore at Hampden Academy this coming year. I've been singing ever since I can remember, first inspired by amazing female artists like Pat Benatar and Sheryl Crow. When I was 5, my mom suggested I do classical piano lessons. I took them until I was about 11, until I realized that what I really wanted to do was sing and accompany myself. I stopped taking the classical lessons and used the background knowledge to play pop/rock songs that I could sing to. This is when I knew for sure that I'd made the right decision and that this was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. From there I started taking vocal lessons as well as guitar lessons, and my dreams only grew bigger and stronger. I worked really hard at it every day, and went on to win the female vocalist award at a show choir state competition in Ellsworth, and I recently won Johnson Hall's talent show in Gardiner, in the teen division. These accomplishments only feed my motivation, but really what I love most is just the feeling of being on stage. Nothing compares to performing, losing yourself in the music, and the sound of applause that makes all the hard work worthwhile. Today I still take vocal lessons and pursue guitar and piano on my own while writing some original material as well. My goal is to go to Berklee College of Music in Boston and make music my career. For my video, I did a cover of White Blank Page by Mumford and Sons, a great song by one of my all time favorite bands. Thank you so much for this opportunity!! :)

  • Ty Openshaw

    My name is Ty Openshaw. I'm a 15-year-old musician from Milbridge. I just released my first music video "It's Me." I am currently working on a second original at Bristol Recording Studios in Boston where I am receiving formal training on performance and other things. I have done a lot of performing including Celebration Disney last December. I would describe my type of music as rock, pop. I play drums, guitar and piano. I am a sophomore at Narraguagus High School this fall. Thanks.

  • Lorna Pinet

    I have been dancing 9 1/2 years. I dance full time with Thomas School of Dance and one of one with Northern Lights Dance Arts. My favorite style of dance is Lyrical, Jazz and Ballet. This lyrical piece "Turn to Stone" was my competition, choreographed by Shelbi Warner. I received a perfect score at Step Up 2 Dance and took 2nd Over-All. I also entered this piece in a Dance Off for Abby Lee Dance Company and received amazing reviews from Abby herself. I studied in New York City this summer at the Joffrey School of Ballet were I trained with some amazing instructors and was able to dance with some of the kids from Dance Moms. Dance is my life and one day I will be dancing with a company and traveling the world.

  • Anna Roman

    Local singer/songwriter (and mother of two beautiful children) from Bradford. I love what I do, it's the best job in the world! I would love to be able to share my passion for music with Bangor! This is a wonderful opportunity for our area's talent. Thanks so much for the chance :)

  • Logan Rouse

    Hello! I'm Logan Rouse, I'm 21 years old and I am a psychological magician. Which essentially breaks down to me performing a mixture of mindreading, hypnosis, physical endurance feats, and magic. I have loved magic for as long as I can recall, and performed coin/card/bizarre magic during high school which earned me the residential name of magic man (which didn't get the ladies like one may think). I performed a few kid shows, and other small events but didn't really get serious about performing until a few years ago when I was featured on the Nite Show by Danny Cashman. Then it was really increased two years ago when I discovered my love for performing tricks that really pertain to the mind. So since then I've been mixing and meshing psychological techniques and the techniques used by a magician. This year I debuted my two-hour stage show 'Logan Rouse: In The Mind' to a sold out audience at the Next Generation Theatre. That lead to me performing for the Maine Maritime Academy in their Delano Theatre, in which I was later invited to perform three more shows. Several private party events came from it, as well as a large show benefit for the Orono Firefighter Association, and a theatre show for the BBSA skatepark benefit.

    I truly love performing for others, to give them that moment of shock where they are for a minute separated from knowing what's going on. My love for magic started young with me attempting coin magic, taking my thumb off, and now has spawned into a full evening mindreading show with people under hypnosis drinking vinegar, and me playing russian roulette with power drills.

    My presentation is usually pretty mercurial and peppered with witty dark humor. It's what people don't typically hear from mindreaders/magicians. I'd love for you to vote for me to perform at the Cross Insurance Center, so they can see magic and mindreading like they never have before.

  • Megan Ward and Jacob McKay

    Hi, we are Jacob McKay, 17-year-old Bangor High Senior and Megan Ward, 16-year-old Bangor High Junior and we share the same birthday! We both sing in the Bangor High Chamber Choir and were fortunate to be chosen to participate in the 2013 Bangor High Talent Show singing the Prayer by Josh Groban. We both LOVE to sing and hope you enjoy our performance. We'd love to sing The Prayer for you at the Cross Center in September!