This week in our check in with Tim Throckmorton the connection was brought up about the Boston Celtics and the sport of tennis.

Throck has three stories for us, two of them are true, and one Tim made up on his own.

John from Levant called in to play the game and see if he could figure out which one was the false story.

The topics were the tennis prowess of Gordon Hayward in high school and how he almost went to college to play on a tennis court and not a basketball court because of how good he was. The Celtics Enes Kanter as a child was friends with one of the best tennis players in the world and he played the sport because of her, and Jayson Tatum went to the same school in Missouri as former Maine Black Bear Ben Bishop whose grandfather played in the US Open.

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Two of those ties between the Celtics and the sport of tennis are real, one is not, can you figure it out?

Take a listen and see what happens.

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