MDEA launched an investigation after a report that a woman was seekint treatment for injuries allegedly sustained while manufacturing methamphetamine. Drug agents have now charged two people in connection with the case.

Public Safety spokesman Steve McCausland said Aroostook County Sheriff's Deputies responded last Friday evening to a report that a female in Ludlow had been injured in a meth lab-related incident. When deputies arrived at the location on the Ludlow Road, they learned that Kayla Nason, age 25 of Houlton, had been taken to the Houlton Regional Hospital following a chemical exposure that happened during the process of making meth. She was treated and released from the hospital.

As part of the investigation, Sheriff's Deputies, with assistance from MDEA's Houlton Task Force arrested James Anthony, age 30 from Ludlow, and initially charged with him Attempted Manufacturing of Methamphetamine, a Class C Felony. Monday, a lab team searched Anthony's impounded car and seized methamphetamine, along with a significant amount of evidence consistent with the manufacturing of the drug.

That evening, Nason was arrested and charged with Unlawful Trafficking in Schedule W Drugs (meth). In addition, Anthony's charges were upgraded to Aggravated Class A Trafficking in Schedule W Drugs, due to a prior drug felony conviction.

Police say the investigation is continuing and more arrests are likely. This is the 26th state-wide methamphetamine lab incident MDEA has responded to this year and the 6th in Aroostook County. MDEA officials say this incident shows the volatile nature of making meth, where the likelihood of fire, explosion, and chemical exposure is extremely high.

If you have information concerning drug trafficking in Maine, you are urged to contact your local law enforcement agency or the closest MDEA task force office. The MDEA tip-line is 1-800-452-6457.