Two men who were reported missing while off-roading spent the night in the Jeep after it became stuck.

Maine Warden Corporal John MacDonald said in a press release that Travis Mosher, age 42 of Rangeley and Douglass Richmond, age 49 of Madrid, left home at around 2:00 on Tuesday afternoon to go 'mudding' in Mosher's Jeep Liberty. (the men's home towns were reversed in the original Warden Service release). Mosher had just recently purchased the SUV that had basic street tires.

The Jeep became stuck on an ATV trail approximately  two to three miles from Richmond's home at dusk. The trail was extremely rough, even for an ATV, so the Jeep was mired. The men spent the night in the vehicle and then Mosher walked back to Richmond's house at daylight this morning. Both men were fine and uninjured.

Since Mosher was operating the Jeep on an ATV trail, in violation of State law, he's been summonsed for operating a motor vehicle on an ATV trail.