For senior shortstop Mike Fransoso it is a dream come true - he gets to play pro ball. For junior pitcher/catcher Mike Connolly it is now decision time.

Fransoso was taken in the 27the round by the Pittsburgh Pirates (#809 overall pick). He is a senior and that means he can sign a pro contract and report to a team. By the way, the Pirates drafted another shortstop with their 6th round pick.

Connolly was taken in the 27th round by the San Francisco Giants. He just finished his junior year, so he does not have to sign a contract. He could return to UMaine if the deal is not to his liking. By the way, the Giants drafted 14 pitchers ahead of drafting Connolly - if they want him to be a pitcher. Some baseball people think his best position is catcher.

Jumior UM pitcher Tommy Lawrence was not drafted. That does not mean he can't turn pro. He could sign as a free agent with some MLB club.