During his two decades in New England, Tom Brady seemed impervious to the drama that surrounds most NFL stars. You know, except for that hitjob by the league that we shall not speak of.

He went about his business in a robotic way. Everything was cool and calculated as he dominated the league. After all, that's the Patriot Way that was ingrained in him. It's all about the team and doing whatever job you have to help the team succeed.

But Tampa Tom has been a little different. He's been more open to the spotlight, to breaking down some of those walls he built in New England and showing there's more to the G.O.A.T. than just what he has to offer on the field.

And as ESPN Radio's Chris Canty said yesterday, Brady's most recent stay in the headlines, his pseudo-retirement, may have been the most human thing we've seen from Brady yet. He made an emotional decision, then five weeks later decided it wasn't the path he was ready to take. So here he is, back for an unprecedented 23rd season under center.

What the 40-day retirement did, however, is put Brady in a similar category as Brett Favre. Or even Michael Jordan. Some of the best to ever do what they did, not knowing when it's time to hang 'em up. Of course, if Brady goes out in 2022 and throws for 4500 yards, 40 TD and leads the Bucs deep into the postseason, it will be a moot point.

But that hasn't stopped many in the sports media world to criticize Brady's retirement U-turn and label it a move that will hurt his legacy. So let's lob it up as today's Drive Poll and see what you think.

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