Alexa, an intelligent personal assistant developed by Amazon, is not only predicting that the Eagles will win Super Bowl 52, but she's rooting for Philadelphia as well.

Alexa is "flying with the Eagles on this one."

She's going with Philadelphia in part because of their "relentless defense," which finished as the No. 3 overall defense during the regular season.

When users ask Alexa which team she wants to win the Super Bowl, she replies: "I'm rooting for the eagles. They've never won the Super Bowl, and I like a good underdog story. Fly Eagles Fly!"

Like many fans outside of New England, she may be tired of the Patriots' dominance dating back to their first Super Bowl win in 2001. In other words, she hate use because she ain't us.

Siri, Apple's Alexa rival, doesn't really give her own prediction, but says that "Those in the Know say that the Patriots will defeat the Eagles by 5 points."

The game will be a rematch of Super Bowl 39, which was played in Jacksonville, Florida in 2005 and won by the Patriots 24-21.

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