It's that time again to vote for the Tool of the Week for the first week of August.  This time we have a first time nominee taking on a repeat offender to see who gets the lofty honor.  Here the case for both sides and let us know who is your choice for Tool of the Week!

Two-time All Star catcher Jonathan Lucroy was traded twice this past week, but only one was made official after he executed his no-trade clause this past weekend.  While perfectly fine to say no to the trade as written in his contract, Lucroy passed up the deal strickley because he felt like Yan Gomes and his .165 batting average would chip into his playing time.  He was later traded to AL West leading Texas Rangers before the deadline and will have to endure 100+ degree temperatures in Arlington this Summer.  Cleveland will be enjoying 80 degree temperatures by the way...

Draymond Green returned to the news spotlight for all the wrong reasons.  This time Green wasn't hitting someone below the belt, but instead was snapping pictures and sent one out to his Snapchat followers.  We've heard of trying to connect to your fans on a personal level, but this is taking it to the next level.

So we poise this question to you again this week; is Lucroy's bellyaching or Green's avant-garde photography more deserving of the Tool of the Week!