A woman is recovering after hitting a moose with her car. Police say the massive animal went through her winshield.

State Police Sergeant Alden Bustard responded to the report of a single vehicle accident just before 3:00 Sunday afternoon. When he arrived, he found that Olivia Bouchard, age 19 of Greenville, had been traveling north on Route 11 in T9 R5, when a moose walked out in front of her. Bouchard was unable to stop in time, and struck the animal, that then vaulted over the hood and through her windshield.

Bouchard sustained numerous cuts from the broken glass but was, otherwise, unharmed. She was taken to the hospital by Ashland Ambulance for treatment.

Now that the snow pack is starting to melt, animals are on the move. Motorists are advised to use caution and stay alert. Avoid any distractions while driving so you can be prepared, should an animal dart out in front of your vehicle.