If you've ever hopped on a train in southern Maine for the purpose of heading to The Garden to watch the Celtics/Bruins or Fenway Park to catch a Sox game, than you know there are few easier forms of transportation.

Park your car, jump on the train, sit back with some snacks and beverages, and before you know it you've arrived at your location. It makes things a breeze, especially when attending a sporting event, to not worry about the hassle of driving into and parking in the city.

Well, according to our pal Sarah from the Z 107.3 Morning Show, a new labor/climate council has proposed extending the comforts of Amtrak up to our neck of the woods.

The Maine Labor Union Climate Council aims to make the Pine Tree State a more climate-friendly place to live and work, and one of the methods they have presented to help in that manner is to extend high-speed rail access to Bangor, which currently ends in Brunswick.

The plan would make Bangor the "final frontier" on the northern end of the track, which runs south to Richmond, Virginia. Meaning you could simply catch a train in Bangor and get almost anywhere along the east coast, as well as connect to Amtrak's services across the country.

Extending services to Bangor is an idea that has been discussed for years and isn't even something on the table right now. But just imagine for a second it was at our disposal. It could reinvent the simplicity with which we get from Central Maine to Boston to root on our favorite teams.

Would you be a customer if the Queen City received high-speed rail access?

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