It looks like Paul Pierce will play and Kevin Garnett will sit when the Boston Celtics and Brooklyn Nets play for the first time since the big trade. It's just an exhibition game tonight at the Barclay's Center in Brooklyn. The two teams play another pre-season game next Wednesday - in Boston.

Pierce has already said he will not play in that game, saving his return to the Garden for the first regular season matchup in Boston in late January.

KG played 15 minutes in a Nets pre-season game Monday night. Pierce did not play.

Remember the Celts and Nets pulled off the big 9-player trade during the off-season after Doc Rivers left to coach the LA Clippers and the C's moved into full rebuilding mode.

In the pre-season so far, the Celtics have gone 1-3. The Nets are 3-1.


Courtesy Getty Images
Courtesy Getty Images